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We are MetaVerse, a decentralized user-driven platform backed by blockchain technology.


MetaSpace is a decentralized metaverse that consists of a blockchain-based play-to-earn game, shopping 3.0 featuring renowned brands, virtual expeditions to holy places, and simulated concerts and comedy shows from world-famous celebrities

Metaspace has a dual token economy of Lord and MLD token. All other digital assets are represented in the form of NFTs with utility in Metaspace.

The AAA game on Metaspace is an expansive virtual universe inspired by outer space. The game allows players to engage in thrilling gameplay experiences, including battling other players, taming virtual wildlife, and creating their planet-based kingdom. Players can also visit other planets using their space shuttle.

MLD is a native governance and Utility token for MetaSpace that grants token owners voting privileges, fostering a sense of communal ownership and participation. Purchase of any NFTs in Metspace will happen through exchange of MLD tokens.

The purpose of Metaspace's entertainment offering is to provide a well-rounded world with a focus on escapism and humor. The platform hosts virtual concerts and comedy shows, enabling users to interact and engage closely with celebrities from around the world. Users can also relish one-liners and monologues from well-known stand-up comedians, adding to the overall entertainment experience.

NFT assets on Metaspace are digital assets that are necessary for users to play and socialize on the platform's metaverse. These resources include concert tickets, weapons, and skins for avatars used in the AAA game. Users can securely own and transact these assets using the power of Polygon blockchain technology.

There are many ways to earn in MetaSpace because it is a blockchain powered metaverse with play to earn potential. So the more you play, the more you make.

The LORD is an in-game token of MetaSpace that helps function an in-game economy to purchase items such as ammunition, and fuel, among other things.

Users can get LORD tokens on Metaspace by upgrading their level, completing certain quests, logging in regularly, achieving milestones, and completing bounties.

You can download MetaSpace across all three platforms: Mobile, PC and VR

MetaSpace is building holy pilgrimage sites where people can visit world-famous sacred destinations and perform rituals individually or with family and friends.

Metaverse Shopping on Metaspace is a unique shopping experience that offers virtual stores from renowned brands. Users can shop for both physical and digital products, with the virtual stores resembling real-world stores in both appearance and product variety.

Users can connect with others on Metaspace by interacting, partying, and joining a vast close-knit community of Metanoids. The platform's communication functionality enables users to stay connected with each other, making it easy to form new relationships and keep existing ones strong.